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Dugger Union Community Schools understands during this historic time that not all parents are comfortable sending their children to school for face-to-face instruction.  DUCS will utilize funds from the Coronavirus Aide, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to provide students in kindergarten through twelfth grade with a computing device.  Students in grades K-2 will be assigned an iPad, 3rd grade through 9th grade will be assigned an iPad with a keyboard, and 10th through 12th grade will be assigned a MacBook.  Visit https://duggerunionschools.org/virtual-learning/1-to-1/, for more information on our 1 to 1 program.  

Bulldog Virtual Program is not eLearning.  Students enrolled in Bulldog Virtual Program will be expected to log-on to their Google Classroom everyday DUCS is in session for face-to-face instruction.  Students should several hours on lessons, including teacher instructional videos and completing activities and assignments.  

Elementary students will be assigned a classroom teacher associated with their grade level.  Teachers will record their lessons and post the recording in Seesaw Learning or Google Classroom.  Once posted, lessons can be viewed at any time. Students will then be responsible for completing their assignments per the classroom teacher’s expectations.

Junior and Senior High school students will be enrolled in classes to meet their graduation requirements.  Teachers will record their lessons and post them to their Google Classrooms.  Students will be responsible for completing their assignments based on the teacher’s expectations.

It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide access to the internet.  

Parents/Guardians who choose to send their students to Bulldog Virtual Program will still be responsible for the child’s annual textbook rental fee.  Dates will be established for parents to pick up their child’s textbooks and other supplies curbside.

Student Email Accounts:

Having trouble accessing your student email?  Try this…

  • Go to google.com.
  • Sign in using your school email.  Most student email addresses are first initial followed by last name (no spaces) @duggerunionschools.org.  For example, dsimpson@duggerunionschools.org.
  • If you don’t know your email address and/or password, call the school during eLearning weeks between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM for guidance.
  • Other applications you may access by signing in:  Google Drive (to view student’s files), Google Docs (to view and create documents), Google Slides (to view and create presentations), and Google Sheets (to view and create spreadsheets).
  • Students may access their school email on their mobile device by downloading the Gmail app.


To be counted present, students will logon to Google Classroom (classroom.google.com).  Students should find a class called, “Bulldog Virtual Academy-Attendance.  Students will click on classwork and answer the daily question.  Failure to complete this step will result in the student being counted absent for the day.

Student Classwork

Students are expected to logon to Google Classroom (classroom.google.com) everyday DUCS is in session for face-to-face instruction.  Students should expect to spend the same amount of time on their school work as a student attending face-to-face instruction (5 hours for elementary students, and 6 hours for junior/senior high students).  Bulldog Virtual Program is not eLearning.  Therefore, students are expected to turn-in their assignments in accordance with their teachers grading policies and procedures.

Can my student change from face-to-face instruction to BVP, and visa versa?

Parents/students selecting the Bulldog Virtual Program are required to remain in the program until the end of the current grading period.  Parents/students selecting face-to-face instruction may change to the Bulldog Virtual Program one time during the current grading period, and be required to remain in the program until the end of the current grading period.

Can my student play sports or participate in extracurricular activities?

Any student who participates in an athletic or extracurricular activity during the implementation of this plan must attend face-to-face instruction.  Students enrolled in the Bulldog Virtual Program will not be permitted to participate in athletic or extracurricular activities.    

This policy does not affect any student who is excluded from school for an extended period to time due to an order of the federal, state, or local health department or health care provider.  The student may return to their athletic or extra curricular activities upon returning to face-to-face instruction following the exclusion from school.

Special Education Services

Special Education staff will meet with students, using Google Meet, to meet the students’ service hours (small group and/or individual)