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Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the Bulldog Virtual Program will only be available to students in grades 7th through 12th grade.   Elementary Students will be face-to-face.  Students must meet the the following expectations:

  • Enrolled in grades 7th – 12th grade at DUCS
  • Complete the online application at least two weeks before the beginning of the fall or spring semester.  An application must be completed for each student.  If students are accepted for the fall semester, they do not have to complete an application for the spring semester.  However, if students are new to the program for the spring semester, they will need complete an application
  • Students and parents/guardians must attend an interview with DUCS administration, school counselor, or special education coordinator prior to being approved to participate in the Bulldog Virtual Program.
  • Students and parents/guardians must demonstrate ability to obtain and sustain through the Bulldog Virtual Program duration an internet connection to complete work.  
  • Students must maintain passing grades.  Students who fall behind or earn a grade below 60% may be removed from the Bulldog Virtual Program and be required to return to face-to-face instruction.
  • Students are required to log-in to Apex Learning everyday.  Failure to log-in will result in an absence.  Per Indiana Code 29-19-9-5, students who are habitually truant will be removed from the Bulldog Virtual Program and required to return to face-to-face instruction.

Bulldog Virtual Program is not eLearning.  Students enrolled in Bulldog Virtual Program will be expected to log-on to Apex Learning everyday DUCS is in session for face-to-face instruction.  Students should spend several hours on lessons, including teacher instructional videos and completing activities and assignments.  

Students will be enrolled in classes to meet their graduation requirements.  

Parents/Guardians who choose to send their students to Bulldog Virtual Program will still be responsible for the child’s annual textbook rental fee.  

Student Email Accounts:

Having trouble accessing your student email?  Try this…

  • Go to google.com.
  • Sign in using your school email.  Most student email addresses are first initial followed by last name (no spaces) @duggerunionschools.org.  For example, dsimpson@duggerunionschools.org.
  • If you don’t know your email address and/or password, you may call the school during eLearning weeks between 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM for guidance.
  • Other applications you may access by signing in:  Google Drive (to view student’s files), Google Docs (to view and create documents), Google Slides (to view and create presentations), and Google Sheets (to view and create spreadsheets).
  • Students may access their school email on their mobile device by downloading the Gmail app.


To be counted present, students will logon to the Apex Learning.  Student attendance will be tracked by the amount of time they are logged in and completing assignments.  Failure to log-in and complete assignments will result in the student be marked absent.   Per Indiana Code 29-19-9-5, students who are habitually truant will be withdrawn from the Bulldog Virtual Program.

Student Classwork

Students are expected to logon to Apex Learning everyday DUCS is in session for face-to-face instruction.  Students should expect to spend the same amount of time on their school work as a student attending face-to-face instruction (approximately 6 hours for junior/senior high students).  Bulldog Virtual Program is not eLearning.  Therefore, students are expected to stay on pace to complete the assignments by end of the semester.  

Can my student change from face-to-face instruction to BVP, and visa versa?

No, students will have until January 14th for a free look into the Apex Learning system.  After January 14th, students are required to commit to the entire semester. 

Can my student play sports or participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes, students enrolled in the Bulldog Virtual Program may participate in extracurricular activities.

Special Education Services

Students who receive special education services through an Individualized Education Plan or a 504 Plan are required to meet with staff during a scheduled time to meet service hours.  Failure to meet with special education staff could result in the student being removed from the Bulldog Virtual Program.

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