In an effort to keep our student who test positive for COVID-19, DUCS has partnered with Union Health Center for Sports Medicine.

Dr. Eric Pickrell, MD on “Return to Play” protocols

Steps to follow if your student athlete tests positive for COVID-19:

  1. Following a 10-day quarantine, and the athlete is feeling better, he/she will need clearance from an approved health care provider (MD, DO, NP, PA)
  2. Call your provider to make an appointment before the 10th day because appointments fill quickly with athletes need clearance.
  3. Depending on the evaluation and severity of illness, the provider may order further testing prior to clearance; (ie:  EKA, blood work, echo)
  4. The clearance form is attached.  Please take it to the provider to complete and return to your school.
  5. Once the athlete is cleared, he/she may begin a graduated return to play progression with the athletic trainer supervising in compliance with National Federation of High School recommendations.  This time frame is dependent on the athlete, severity of illness and remaining or returning symptoms.  In most cases this will be three to seven days.

Please note: Currently both Union Medical Group Convenient Care facilities and the Ortho Walk-In Clinic CANNOT perform clearance exams.  If you are having difficultly getting an appointment for your student let the athletic trainer know.  Union Health will try to get him/he scheduled, if possible.

For further questions or resources, contact Greg Kinnaman, Athletic Director ( or 812.648.7109).  or Stephen Taylor, Athletic Trainer ( or 812.648.7109).  

Protocols have been established by Union Health Center for Sports Medicine, updated 09/2021.


Parent Letter for Athletics with COVID

Union Center for Sports Medicine COVID Clearance Form