While DUCS recognizes the conflicting views and opinions towards many of the guidelines set forth, we also recognize the importance of following the recommendations established by experts in the health field to the best of our ability. The amount of time, research, and thought that has been given to the development of this plan is a testimony to the importance we place on your child’s health and safety.  Therefore, we as a school, strongly recommend these guidelines to respect the health of all students and staff.  This historic time calls for collaboration, understanding, and patience as we move forward to ensure the education of our students continues while protecting the health of everyone involved.  It is our sincere hope that all students, family members, and DUCS staff stay healthy throughout the school year, and if there are any errors in this plan, it is on the side that we took every precaution we could to keep our students and staff healthy during this time.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we look forward to welcoming our Bulldog families back to Dugger Union Community Schools.

Darin Simpson  Stephanie Kinnett Tom Arthur
Jr/Sr High Principal Elementary Principal Assistant Principal 


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