Fifth graders are about to study an important lesson on the early stages of puberty which many of them are beginning to experience.

The Always Changing® and Growing Program helps both boys and girls:

  • Understand the physical and emotional changes they experience during puberty, and acknowledge these changes as a normal part of growth and development.
  • Learn the physiology of their bodies and correct terminology for parts of the reproductive system.
  • Understanding personal hygiene is each individual’s responsibility.

In addition, the program helps girls:

  • Understand the menstrual cycle
  • Understand what to expect during a period.
  • Learn how to manage periods while continuing with normal activities.

The Always Changing ® and Grow- Up Program is based on national research and consultation with school nurses, health educators, parents and medical professionals. It has been a trusted resource for over 30 years and has been taught to millions of students nationwide.  It is provided as a free educational service to our school by P&G’s brands:  Always® feminine protection products, Tampax® feminine protection products, Secret® deodorant & antiperspirants, and Old Spice® body wash, deodorant & antiperspirants.

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