Games are back at DUCS!  Here is the guidance we’ll follow for our upcoming home winter sporting events.  Sullivan County is ORANGE as of Wednesday, Jan. 6.
When Sullivan County is…
– Red:  Up to 2 tickets per player for parents/guardians only.  Athletic teams only.  No cheer or dance.
– Orange:  Up to 4 tickets per player for parents/guardians/siblings.  Athletic teams only.  No cheer or dance.
– Yellow:  Up to 4 tickets per participant for parents/guardians/siblings.  Athletic teams, cheer, and dance will be allowed to participate.
– Blue:  Up to 300 tickets will be available for purchase.  Priority sale will be made to parents/guardians/siblings and close family members of students and coaches actively participating in the event.
For parents/guardians attending the HS boys and girls basketball games at Shoals on Wednesday, Jan. 6, Shoals is allowing 2 tickets per player.