Good evening, Bulldog Nation! Unfortunately, Sullivan County did go red again today. However, with the recent changes in guidelines, we will continue with our hybrid model for next week. Please visit to view our hybrid model. Parents not comfortable sending their child to school may select our Bulldog Virtual Program option on our website.
We do however have some changes to our final exam schedule in the junior high and high school. First of all, virtual students still take their final exams at home. Nothing changes for our virtual students. Our initial plan was to have ALL face-to-face JH/HS kids come in to take finals on Monday and Tuesday. We are going to change that to cut down on the number of people in the building. Here are the changes. Please read carefully…
1. Students who passed the first grading period and are currently passing the second grading period will do their final exams virtually. The final exam can only IMPROVE a student’s semester grade who falls into this category. The final will not hurt a student’s semester grade in this category.
2. Students who failed the first grading period or are currently failing the second grading period will do their final exams face-to-face on Monday and Tuesday. These students must pass the final exam to pass for the semester.
Students unsure of their grades from the first grading period or current grading period may check their grades through their Harmony account.
Special education arrangements made today or prior to today for virtual students do not change. Special education arrangements for face-to-face students may be made by contacting special education coordinator Amanda Parr at 812-648-7109 or by email at
Wednesday, Dec. 16 is still a makeup day for final exams. The makeup day will only be for face-to-face students who have failed the first grading period or are failing the current grading period.
Thank you for your continued support of Dugger Union Community Schools. Go Bulldogs!