Dugger Union Community Schools will host parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM face-to-face and virtually.

Elementary parents may make an appointment with their child’s teacher by using the signup.com link provided on the handout sent home with each elementary child. These links can also be found at the bottom of this post.

Junior high/high school parents may visit with their child’s teachers face-to-face in the new gym or visit virtually by using each teacher’s Virtual Wednesday Google Meet link.  No appointment necessary.  Alternate schedule:  Mrs. Drappo will be available on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

Hope to see you there!

Mrs. Graniti https://signup.com/go/HaKJiJq

Mrs. Manuel https://signup.com/go/eLRoTuS

Mrs. Morse https://signup.com/go/vdrooMk

Ms. Lent https://signup.com/go/kvXnNNR

Mrs. Alexander https://signup.com/go/aJQExGC

Mrs. Snellenberger https://signup.com/go/dnQjpFv

Mrs. Wells https://signup.com/go/mwqVnsW

Mrs. Jones https://signup.com/go/XDUaqkJ

Mrs. Mason https://signup.com/go/dqRhiZb

Mrs. Kerns https://signup.com/go/xOgNCLK

Mrs. Crooks https://signup.com/go/LhiUPeF

Mrs. Hambrick https://signup.com/go/KjbkhoO

Mrs. Yeryar https://signup.com/go/VSWDqBH

Mrs. Field https://signup.com/go/rdhDvQq

Mrs. Wilkes https://signup.com/go/pOdZfFC

Ms. McCammon https://signup.com/go/hyMspGZ