Harmony Link: https://lkihosted.logickey.com/harmony/ducs/familyaccess.nsf/hello.xsp

We are now using Harmony Family Access.  This allows each family to have only 1 account per family instead of individual accounts for each student. To enroll online, follow the steps below.

For Returning Students:

  1. You can get to the Harmony main page by clicking the following link:  https://lkihosted.logickey.com/harmony/ducs/familyaccess.nsf/hello.xsp OR by clicking the Jr/Sr High School or Elementary and then clicking Harmony.
  2. Next, click ‘Create an account here’. Enter information and then click ‘Register’. (This is a new system, so you will need a new account.)
  3. It will then ask for a student registration code. Please call the school or email msandusky@duggerunionschools.org or mfeese@duggerunionschools.org for this code. You will enter a code and birthdate for each of your students.
  4. The student(s) name will now appear in the upper left under ‘My Students’.
  5. Click on each students name and scroll down to ‘Online Registration.’
  6. You will need to click on each form that does not have a green check mark and complete it. (When filling out the Free/Reduced lunch application, a green check mark will not show even after completion.)
  7. Once you have completed all forms (they all have green check marks), you have completed the 2017-2018 school year registration!

For New Students: (Have NEVER attended DUCS before)

  1. Complete steps 1 & 2 above.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘I need to enroll a new student’.
  3. You will then select ‘Jr-Sr High School’ or ‘Elementary’ depending on students grade level. (Elementary: K-6 and Jr-Sr High School: 7-12). Then click ‘Enroll’.
  4. Enter in all the information then click ‘Submit’.
  5. You will then continue following steps 3-7 above.